The Bowling Alley Sound is a six piece post-rock band out of New Jersey.

The Bowling Alley Sound is:
Mike Basil – Guitar
Nick Looney – Drums
Isaac Rubins – Violin
Danny Molloy – Trumpet
Andrew Capuano – Bass
Wesley Ostrander – Percussion

All our music is written by The Bowling Alley Sound

All music is produced by Mike Basil

All music is recorded and mixed by Nick Looney

“Metaphysical You” was mastered by Nick Looney

“Metaphysical You” album art by Josh Mahan

“The Bowling Alley Sound”, “Alabama Dissonance”, “The Highway State” and “Call My Shiba” was mastered by Kevin Carafa (he does great work and is available to hire)

“The Bowling Alley Sound”, “Alabama Dissonance”,”The Highway State” and “Call My Shiba” album art by Andrew Capuano