Spotify has named us a “Fresh Find” for all of 2017!

Spotify has also named us a “Fresh Find” from the first half of 2017!

We have also been written about:

“Every time I play a song from The Bowling Alley Sound, I find myself contemplating life and this latest release is no exception. The lyrics you’ll find are more like spoken word but it’s perfectly executed and the concept is nothing short of brilliant!” – For Us Not Them

“Chances are good you’ve never heard anything quite like Bowling Alley Sound. Do your ears a favour and check out their new single.” – Beautiful Song of the Week

“As a person who has felt the tensions of being an outsider living in Alabama, I can affirm that there is a lot of Alabama Dissonance. The instrumental post-rock track here displays some of those emotions via a jarring, off-kilter, start/stop tune full of found sound and sudden shocks. There’s also a banjo, for good measure. It’s a wild, unusual experience.” – Independent Clauses

“Northern New Jersey post-rock band The Bowling Alley Sound has released their latest single “Alabama Dissonance,” on their label 46 West, exclusively through NYS Music. The single follows their 2017 sophomore EP The Bowling Alley Sound, which was named a “Fresh Find” for the first half of 2017 by Spotify.” – NYS Music

“[‘Metaphysical You’ is] SICK AF” – The BTCV

“They do not sound like the jukebox or any bad disc jockeys you’ve heard at your neighborhood bowling alley, that’s for sure. The recently released EP is a mind-trip that will get your brain moving into places it hasn’t visited in a while, but these are happy places.” – For Us Not Them

Speaking about ‘The Conversation of the Street Lights Will Pass as Quickly as Our Words’ – “This stuttering, wide-eyed, major-key post rock tune includes burbling guitars, soaring bass work, evocative (and high quality) found sound / spoken word clips, and a delightful sense of motion through the whole piece.” – Independent Clauses

“The post-rock follow up to their 2014 debut, Metaphysical You, begins with the most energetic release of the four-track list, “Henry and Clark.” Well-known bands in the post-rock genre such as Explosions in the Sky and Mogwai can be heard echoed in their opening song as EP producer and guitarist, Mike Basil, kicks it off with a soft and subtle rift. Nick Looney’s drum playing anchors the song in place until the final section finds Issac Rubins’ violin eerily bringing the song to an end.”  – NYS Music

Speaking about ‘Night Flight’ – “The repeated, looping arpeggios in the guitar give an impression of infinity, like the endless setting and re-setting of bowling pins. The only percussive element in the song is the shuffling, brush-like sound that keeps time. Its count is kept in triplets though, which creates a nice cross-rhythm while giving the listener’s ear a metronomic anchor. Amid those repeating arpeggios, that little shaker sound gives us the grip we need. Kind of like those three little finger holes on a bowling ball.” – Beautiful Song of the Week

Travis Love Benson reviewed our second album as well:

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