New Single up for pre-order!

Our new record The Highway State is up for pre-order NOW!


This single follows their late 2017 track “Alabama Dissonance“, as well as our 2017 sophomore EP The Bowling Alley Sound, a record that got the band named a “Fresh Find” of 2017 by Spotify.

Best of 2017

The outlet Beautiful Song of the Week said, “Chances are good you’ve never heard anything quite like Bowling Alley Sound. Do your ears a favour and check out their new single.”

The outlet For Us Not Them said, “Every time I play a song from The Bowling Alley Sound, I find myself contemplating life and this latest release is no exception. The lyrics [in “Alabama Dissonance”] you’ll find are more like spoken word but it’s perfectly executed and the concept is nothing short of brilliant!”


The entire band grew up in suburban New Jersey and this experience is the catalyst for the new single. Driving on the highway in New Jersey, outside of New York, can be an overwhelming experience. The cars are going fast, the lanes are tight, and many highways cross over each other. There is grit. When you exit into a suburban town there is more space, verdant greenery, places to reflect. New Jersey is a really beautiful state. That’s what life can be like in America: craziness and hustling around on a chaotic highway, then reflecting and relaxing after exiting that highway. This is what the band wanted to convey with this song, structurally and emotionally.

The Bowling Alley Sound is a five piece instrumental band consisting of guitar (Mike Basil), drums (Nick Looney), bass (Andrew Capuano), violin (Isaac Rubins), and trumpet (Danny Molloy). The band was originally formed in order to bring Mike Basil’s songwriting to life in their debut record and has since been active in the northern New Jersey music scene. Fans of artists such as Do Make Say Think, Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai and ambient minimalist music will find themselves in familiar waters. The Bowling Alley Sound is pleased to bring you their latest single, “The Highway State”.


Check out our Bandcamp page grab your pre-order copy today!


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