clorinde – The Gardens of Bomarzo

Listening to “The Gardens of Bomarzo” by clorinde today. This double album is a great listen from top to bottom.

In the song, “We will either find a way, or make one – Hannibal’s Elephant” we get the answer to the question, what id Big Lazy went on a beach vacation? with it’s twangy guitars. The next track, “Between virtue and vice – The Dragon” reminds me of the opening to “20 Minutes to Save the Human Race” off our latest album, “Horror Songs”. Track 11, “Abandon all thought – The Mouth of Hell”, sounds like something out of a Lord of the Rings movie soundtrack.

My favorites off the record are track 2, “A single feather fell to earth – Pegasus” and 18, “She lay in silence – The Nymph”. What are yours?


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