clorinde – The Gardens of Bomarzo

Listening to “The Gardens of Bomarzo” by clorinde today. This double album is a great listen from top to bottom.

In the song, “We will either find a way, or make one – Hannibal’s Elephant” we get the answer to the question, what id Big Lazy went on a beach vacation? with it’s twangy guitars. The next track, “Between virtue and vice – The Dragon” reminds me of the opening to “20 Minutes to Save the Human Race” off our latest album, “Horror Songs”. Track 11, “Abandon all thought – The Mouth of Hell”, sounds like something out of a Lord of the Rings movie soundtrack.

My favorites off the record are track 2, “A single feather fell to earth – Pegasus” and 18, “She lay in silence – The Nymph”. What are yours?


White People Killed Them – White People Killed Them

Keeping with the Deerhoof theme from earlier, White People Killed Them is a new album from a trio of the same name. It consists of composer and sound artist Raven Chacon, percussionist Marshall Trammell, and guitarist John Dieterich of Deerhoof.

This improvisational experimentation was recorded in New Mexico and the band gives just one sentence to provide context for the record:

“We encourage surprise inventions and innovations towards erecting, maintaining and the defending of democratic spaces (beyond the limits of the band stand) in your community with other front line warriors.”

Read more about the album here.

A Saturday jam with Soars

The driving guitars bring you into the soaring melody of this energetic tune. Soars is a solo project by Kristian Karlsson, a Swedish, musician and songwriter. Known professionally as producing member in Cult of Luna and pg.lost. Soars is a personal journey and expression of a sound that has been developed over the years.

We really cant wait for this debut album, “Enfold” will be out October 29!